Tourism Designers

To design once-in-a-lifetime encounters between people and culture.

Message from the CEO

To create a social bridge between people and culture, 
 enriching the hearts and minds of all

CEO Daisuke Tao

As globalization expands, we find more and more progressive exchanges taking place between people across regions and countries. However, compared to other countries, Japan is lagging in developing and promoting its tourism industry and catering to foreign tourists. In order to host visitors from abroad and enhance hospitality, it is essential for the Japanese to study their own country in order to market it, and develop tourism programs from the viewpoint of the visitor.
If children grow up with a cosmopolitan outlook on life, they can better relate to people, and this will lead to the internationalization of Japan, and to the development of the tourist industry. It is the public who are the grassroots of international cultural exchange. Internationalization, we believe, is the gateway to a better, richer society. We are working to realize a world where global cultural exchange where international tourism contributes to the promotion of cultural exchange and regional revitalization.

Company Profile

Company Name Tourism Designers Co., Ltd.
Main Business Inbound tour operating, local tourism planning, development and consulting services.
License No.3-1358
Member of All Nippon Travel Agents Association
Head Office 1-6-13 Nagono Nishi-ku Nagoya-shi Aichi-ken 451-0042 JAPAN
CEO Daisuke Tao
Established June 24, 2013
Capital 4,500,000
TEL +81 52-629-5828
FAX +81 52-308-8767

Corporate philosophy

philosophy To create a social bridge between people and culture, enriching the hearts and minds of all
We aim to develop unique experience programs utilizing the charm of Japan, local cultural resources and people to provide the best hospitality and experiences for foreign tourists. To develop and introduce new cultural aspects and people, and contribute to the development of the international tourism industry.
To design once-in-a-lifetime encounters between people and culture.

Business Overview

What’s Tourism Designers?

We are a Central Japan based unique inbound operating company, providing hands on learning experiences for foreign travelers while enjoying the history and culture of Japan.

Why Tourism Designers?

Unique, high added value tour programs.

Tourism Designers offer over 150 original value added experience tour plans, far different from any other tour operator. We guarantee customer satisfaction and a feeling of security, and the opportunity for travel agencies to maximize revenue and gain repeat patronage.

Professional guides with an in-depth understanding of Japan.

Tourism Designers' professional guides are well versed in Japanese history, traditions and culture, and make it their responsibility to take care of the traveler, supporting a comfortable, enjoyable, informative tour.

Refined Operations.

Tourism Designers' experienced travel industry staff make and maintain timely and appropriate contact with those in charge via e-mail or Skype. We can also accurately report on the situation of customers during their travels.

Central Japan as a new destination can provide a profound cultural experience、offering urban and rural locations with numerous popular cultural and historical experiences available. The region is fast becoming popular amongst repeat visitors.

We look forward to designing your original tours, satisfying our customers like no other tour company can, and to their repeated patronage.